Fabric Processing BTM 5 Million Mtrs / Month

The soul of the fabric lies in its finishing process and therefore at Banswara we have decided to concentrate and invest in our process house and team. With state of the art equipment, and finishing capacities of 5 million metres per month, we not only finish all our fabrics in house but work on a job work basis for other companies as well. We are able to offer a variety of finishes using the following machines –

For Poly-Viscose segment– Mezzera (Italy), Bruckner multilayer stenter (Germany), Formula (Italy), Singeing machines, Super Finish, Zero-Zero, Calender (China), K.D. Biella (Italy), Jet Dyeing machines as well as soft flow jets, Hydraulic Maxi Jiggers.

For Worsted segment– Zonco rope scouring and milling (Italy), Volco Crab ((Italy), Shearing (Lafer Italy), Formula (Italy), K.D. Biella (Italy).

For Cotton segment-  Continuous Bleaching Range (Menzel Germany), Mercerising (Menzel Germany),Cold pad Batch, Diamond Emerizing machine (Lafer Italy), Ultra soft -Nylon Brush (Lafer Italy), Raising Machine(Lafer Italy), Sanforising.