Research & Development (R & D)

Specific areas in which R & D Carried Out By The Company

The company has set up a world class fabric testing laboratory as per ISO, AATCC, ASTM, LS & Co., M & S etc. testing protocol. The laboratory has successfully achieved accreditation of Levis & Co., Marks & Spencer and undergoing ISO 17025 NABL accreditation. The laboratory is providing on line testing services to the various departments to achieve excellent quality and productivity.

The company has developed fabric designing department and has created a garment studio at Mumbai for improvement in fabric and garment designs. The company has also procured computer software to create and develop new designs for manufacturing Jacquard fabric.

Benefits Derived As A Result Of The Above R & D

As the result of the above facts, the products of the company are globally well accepted and products meeting International quality standards. The fabric sample can be tested in the company’s laboratory as per customer’s requirement, there by saving time and cost. Earlier it used to go outside testing labs, taking extra time and cost.

For the garment division, the company has imported Jackets stitching machinery which has been installed in garment factory at Surat.

Future Plans And Actions

Research and development is a continuous process. The company is going to add new testing equipment for all wool and wool mixed fabrics and upholstery fabric.

The company has developed Fire Retardant Fabric to be supplied to institutional bodies like Defense, Railways, Airlines, Luxurious traveling coaches etc. During these developments, the laboratory is also being expanded for the testing with latest testing equipment for Fire Retardant Fabrics.